“My heart is to see people healed in every area of their life. As I sat watching Jessica play ‘How Great Thou Art,’ I felt His presence. I wasn’t asking or looking for healing for myself, I was just praising the Lord and thinking about Psalm 150: ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.’ As she lifted her left hand while playing, I felt healing go through my body and my sore throat was gone. Jessica has a gift of healing through her music. David used his harp and Jessica uses her piano. My prayer is that God will continue to use her as she obeys Him. Just wanted you to know He touched me and He used her beautiful gift that she so graciously uses.”

– Linda Branch

“Listening to your music has become a divine appointment for me. There is a tangible presence of God on your music. Much like when David played for Saul, it will soothe the troubled spirit. It opens doors and portals in the Spirit realm.”

– Randy Biggers

“I was incredibly blessed by Sounds of Freedom recently when I was the recipient of an anointed music piece written just for me. As the Lord guided Jessica’s hands on the piano keys, The Lord met me in such an intimate way and the Holy Spirit spoke and encouraged me in ways only He can. I arrived feeling discouraged, but left feeling refreshed and fully encouraged in the Lord for the path He has laid out for me.”

– Christi Grimm

“After much loss and in the darkest season of my life so far, I was desperate for comfort and meaning. Through the Lord’s lavish grace and kindness that prayer was answered in part through two spontaneous worship songs shared by Jessica. The first song brought me to my knees with a tender reminder of Emanuel, which is both the name of the child we lost and the name of our great “God with us.” The notes told our story as only the Creator can with intimacy, accuracy, and prophecy. The second song allowed me to worship uniquely in response as the Holy Spirit gave me lyrics to match the music. The truth that poured forth brought me much healing and peace. These moments stand as Ebenezer Stones to remind us that we are beloved and nothing is wasted in Christ. Thank you Sounds of Freedom for sharing your gifts to edify the body. We are eternally grateful.”

– Corrie L.

“Jessica Goldsmith has a unique, God-given gift of which I have not previously encountered. Her restorative music is Spirit-led, touching the soul with encouragement and edification released through the Holy Spirit.”


“Working with Taylor on a daily basis, I get to see first-hand how he integrates his faith into his business. He has a gift for pulling greatness out of people in all aspects of their lives. It is his marketplace ministry. I’ve heard him say to so many, “I want you to be who God designed you to be.”

– Michael Crowder